Month: November 2014


One review says the latency is high for electric guitars. So I’ll just get a real amp with USB eventually. It’s only 40 bucks on Amazon. One review says no latency in Garageband. Might be worth 40 bucks, could still get an amp if it doesn’t work eventually.

Tracktion software works in linux it says. So if I got fed up with my slow hackintosh, I could use my desktop.

Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt 1×8-Inch Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier

Is that to much to ask for it for xmas? It’s 120 bucks on Amazon. Might be getting a guitar soon, I’ll need an amp. That one can connect to your computer. Might need another USB extension cable, doesn’t need to be as long as my other one. Is 10 feet long enough? 15 feet should be long enough. Don’t remember how long my other one is. 32 feet for my other one.


Guess they did have something good on sale. Walmart has an electric/acoustic for around 50 bucks. That means I don’t need an amp right away. I have OCD, so playing the guitar might be easy to learn. They say it’s hard, but if you obsess over it, you might learn faster. At least you only wasted around 50 bucks on it.

There’s devices you can get to record instruments on a computer, probably cheaper to use a USB microphone.

You could be a naked rockstar, take a boner pill, and play love songs on your guitar. While you are naked of course.

The Intel NUC has a wifi antenna?

I took off one star because the plastic covering on wifi antennas is a problem. DONT TRY TO PULL THEM OFF , you will rip off the connectors. You have to cut the plastic

From a review on Amazon.

Sounds like I should check the box and see if there’s an antenna in there. Might of thrown it out on accident, or maybe mine didn’t come with one. Nope no antenna in the box.

I checked Intel’s site, they have spare parts, but no wifi antenna. I’d probably have to email them to get one.

I can buy mac apps now

I made a new account, since I don’t know the answers to the security questions. Don’t even remember setting the ones it asked me.

Do you like the spinning beach ball of death?

Open Chrome on a hackintosh. Don’t know if it works on real macs. Not really ‘of death’, it stops after some seconds. Still annoying that Chrome can’t be opened without the beach ball spinning.

OS X 10.10.1 works on hackintosh

There was a popup saying I needed to restart to update OS X, so it probably would of gotten updated if I ever rebooted. Probably not recommended to update a hackintosh.

USB bluetooth is slow

One of these days my hackintosh is going to go to sleep before the keyboard connects. The display has gone to sleep while waiting for it to connect.

Graphic errors are gone

The graphic errors in OS X are gone, looks like updating the bios did the trick. It updated the firmware for the video too.

Its funny how good operating systems usually only crap out if there’s a hardware problem.