Month: February 2016

Hyrule Warriors: Legends – Nintendo 3DS

Should probably cancel that pre order. Don’t know how much money I’ll have at the end of March.

I’ll keep the pre order anyways. It’s only around 30 bucks. That’s cheaper then PS4 and PC games.

How to fix the toggle menu in Libra theme from ThemeForest

Does the toggle menu not work in Chrome on your phone? I found the solution, thanks to Google. Replace the burger-menu code in custom.js with the below.

<br>	$('.burger-menu').on("click", function(){<br>		$('.nav-menu > ul').slideToggle(500, function () {<br>				if($('.nav-menu > ul').css('display') == 'none'){<br>   $('.nav-menu > ul').show();<br>}else{<br>   $('.nav-menu > ul').hide();<br>}<br>	});<br><br>	});<br>

ThemeForest says I have support, so I could of asked them to fix it. It works, but it’s kind of weird, jQuery has some kind of bug. You’ll see it getting bigger, then closing, then it’ll show.

No, I don’t indent my code correctly.