Month: December 2016

Home sweet home

KVM with GPU passthrough works in Manjaro, which is based on Arch Linux. Arch Linux’s wiki has instructions, the settings the GUI uses are right.

The write speed took a dump, under 400 MB/s, that’s on a NVMe SSD. Read is around 1000 MB/s.

Keep forgetting to check the sound in Linux, when I shutdown the Windows VM.

Movies drive doesn’t work in VM, says I need to format it. I’ll try passing just the partition, if that doesn’t work, I’ll share it on the network, which may or may not work.

Also, need to find the name of the program that lets the keyboard and mouse be shared over the network.

Synergy is the name of the program.

Just ran a benchmark, over 60 FPS. The VM only has two “cores”. That’s enough for whatever benchmark I was running, Heaven or something.

There we go, just paid the 19 bucks for the program. I still have money in PayPal, and will for a long time.

Safe mode works in KVM

Trying to uninstall the AMD driver. Get a black screen after it boots in regular mode.

If you are converting an existing install to a virtual machine, you have to change the bus type to ide and install the drivers then change it back to virtio, you need a virtio drive to install the driver, I used a thumb drive.

I used Macrium Reflect to reDeploy. Don’t know if it’s needed.

Also reinstalled Windows but with keeping my programs. Probably didn’t do anything. I had to do that not in a virtual machine, you have to be able to boot Windows.

I’ll try updating the kernel. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably restore my backup again. I updated qemu already.

Don’t bother updating the kernel in Linux Mint, it’ll make it worse. Maybe Manjaro will work.

Windows might be faster, looks like uninstalling some crap that was auto starting did the trick.

Good luck

Booting Windows in KVM doesn’t work. Even using Macrium Reflect to reDeploy doesn’t make it work. Linux Mint is faster then Windows 10. I wouldn’t need a new CPU if KVM worked, without reinstalling. I restored my backup and tried reDeploy again, still didn’t work. Maybe if you allow unsigned drivers it’ll work.

Booting a Windows 10 disc and repairing it might work.

I’ll be in bed after this almost 2 am dump.

Goodbye Chase

Finally changed my bank. Had to go to STCU to open an account. I called Social Security by myself. Next month’s money should go into STCU.

Only one problem, STCU had a typo in my last name, a C instead of a G.

They probably typed my email wrong too, it probably has a C in it as well. Sweet, somebody now has access to my account. Yup, wrong email as well.


A site defending the electoral college, says the government wasn’t made to be efficient, but safe. Allowing Trump to be the president isn’t safe. The electoral college might of been good a long time ago, but not anymore.

Does Canada allow you to marry any gender? A woman won’t marry me. A transsexual, hermaphrodite, or a FTM might though.

KVM supports GPU passthrough

But you need two video cards. I could use my integrated GPU for Linux. But I’d need a bigger NVMe SSD, so Linux and Windows can fit on it. Or give one OS a slower drive.

The forum post on Linux Mint’s site says work is being done to share the GPU, so I’ll probably wait.

Linux as your primary OS is better. Except, I’ll still be browsing the web in Windows, 1Password doesn’t support Linux. That’ll make it difficult for malware, virtual machine, plus Sandboxie, plus VoodooShield. Run another virtual machine in the virtual machine, that’ll make it even harder.

Dashlane can’t import Windows 1Password 6 txt file

You can’t export a 1pif file in the Windows 1Password. If you search a certain way, Google will think you are trying to import Dashlane into 1Password. I suppose reversing the words might help, probably not though. Google is broken.

If you select the txt file you exported from 1Password, it’ll say no logins found.

Also, it opens in Sandboxie as soon as you open Chrome. 1Password can be run outside of Sandboxie, and the Chrome extension works just fine.

I could write a Ruby script to make a CVS file. But that’s to much work. Also, my mom might signup for the 1Password family plan. Hopefully I can get added, I already have an account.

SpeedyKVM is cheap

But owned by the same people that own Wable. If you ever appear to not know what you are doing, they will cancel you. Also, if you don’t see their email asking for photo ID, in 13 days they will terminate you. Wable says one dedicated core, not much more then dediserve. I’ll keep dediserve. It has a firewall, and they probably won’t cancel me for asking something stupid.

Importing 1Password 6 to LastPass doesn’t work

It fails to recognize all the passwords, it shows it on the import screen, but the username and password is blank. I was going to switch back, because free is cheaper. Oh well, I’ll just pay 4 bucks a month, that’s easier then manually adding my passwords.

Also, wanted a Linux compatible password manager.