Month: January 2017

Maybe they hacked it by WPS

To completely disable WPS on my router, you have to go to system parameters. Under System Tools, in Advanced. The pin was disabled, but clicking the button was enabled. Now it’s completely disabled.

If you use the pin, it is very easy to brute force it. Don’t know how they would of got in if you have to click a button.

Yup, they got in by WPS. Took em four hours or less most likely.

Let’s hope it’s completely disabled now. If not, they will be back, with a spoofed mac address. Might need to change the password one more time. But I’m lazy. And it’s a pain to enter on N3DS.

The nice fellow that did it, probably shared the key with the other nice fellows.

Password has been changed one last time.

I was right, mac address filtering is useless. Except, you’ll know if somebody connects, cause your device will stop working most likely. But that’ll consume power on the router, so I disabled it. Let’s see if somebody is connected when I wake up.

If somebody is on the WiFi in the morning, then I need a new router, one that doesn’t have WPS.

They most likely set a static IP on their device. So I wouldn’t notice as quickly. They might not be able to see my router now though, the power is on low.

Password was to short

Fourteen random characters isn’t long enough. I just changed the password again, it’s twenty random characters now. I need an alert when something is forcibly disconnected from my router, then I know I need to change the password again.

If you enable mac address filtering on my router, and you reboot, you have to click save for anything to connect, or turn it off and on.

Now the question is, why break into my WiFi? There’s plenty of open wireless routers, no brute forcing needed.

Oh, I forgot, because somebody is targeting me. Why don’t they just shoot me instead?

If I go to prison, you’ll know why, thanks to somebody for stealing my WiFi, the judge won’t believe me, since it has a password.

I wonder how far the jerk is, most likely in the building. The output power is low now, instead of high. For the 2.4 GHz. 5 GHz should have less range, even at high power. Then again, I should probably change that too.

Will the 5 GHz work in the bathroom now?

Disconnecting the ethernet cable from wireless router to the main router at night won’t work. Then my phone won’t auto download app updates. Or maybe it will over T-Mobile, then I’ll run out of data on T-Mobile too.

How long have they been stealing my WiFi? They could of downloaded my Windows backups. Who knows what else.

Do wireless routers show devices that are attempting to connect?

You won’t find the answer on Google. Google doesn’t understand English, found something about WiFi Direct, and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t what I searched for.

Guess I should turn the PS4 on and see what it’s mac address is. Won’t be finding the answer to what I tried searching for, maybe a different search engine will work. Google might be the most useless search engine.

None of my devices start with 24. Old Samsung tablet is dead, so I doubt that’s it. Somebody with nothing better to do, decided to brute force my password. Dictionary attack won’t work, it was random. And the new one is random too. I’ll probably start turning the WiFi off when I leave.

If I remember correctly, it only had 3 sent packets, that seems low.

Internet might be faster, since I’ve disconnected the jackass. I don’t pay 50 bucks a month for internet, so some jerk can steal my WiFi. Pay for your own damn internet. If they get on again, I’ll leave the WiFi off, unless I need to control the TV. I can actually just disconnect it from the main router, giving them 0 internet access. My phone has internet from T-Mobile.

Surprised I didn’t use more data then what Comcast says, if somebody has been streaming constantly from my network.

Somebody got onto my WiFi

Need to change the password now. Don’t think there should be two 2.4 GHz devices on my network. No idea how they cracked my random password. I changed the power for 2.4 GHz to low. Almost everything is wired, so I have no idea what it is.

The Wii and N3DS are off. Turned the N3DS on and connected, it wasn’t blocked. Unblocked it, need to see if there’s a way to show all mac addresses on a OpenWrt router.

Nice, the app for my WiFi to IR is crap, you can’t paste, so now I have to manually type the new password in. Or just leave it not connected.

And it’s a POS, you have to reset it. Does that mean, I’ll lose all the remotes I added?

According to the mac address, it’s a blu-ray player or smart TV. Don’t have either. Unless it’s the PS4, but it should be off, and is wired.

What’s interesting, is it didn’t have an IP, according to OpenWrt. I just found a command to run to show all devices with an IP, in case the web interface doesn’t show it.

Does my router show devices that are trying to connect?

Since this building is full of jackasses, I enabled mac address filtering. Now they will have to spoof my phone’s or Broadlink’s IP. Then I’ll get disconnected and know sooner that they brute forced the new password as well. Still can’t think of anything that the other device on the 2.4 GHz could be.

There will be a 4 core 8 thread AMD CPU most likely

And a 8 core 8 thread. They are skipping a 6 core one. The most expensive one is 8 cores and 16 threads. How much will the 8 core and 8 thread CPU cost? If it’s to much, the 4 core 8 thread will do.

Better keep my i3 6100 until AMD’s new CPUs come out. If no price drop from Intel, it won’t happen, then I’ll switch back to AMD. Unless AMD costs the same as Intel.

I might use a claw grip

That means the G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Gaming Mouse will work fine for me. I shouldn’t have any trouble clicking the side buttons. But I don’t use them in games anyways, just when browsing, to go back and forward.

Palm grip and claw grip, looks almost the same. I’m sure I can adjust to whichever the mouse is made for.

EMUI 5.0 has Google Now

Just hold the fingerprint sensor button down, and it’ll open. Thought that was supposed to stop the alarm. Maybe not with the Timely app. Sometimes the Timely app won’t let me turn it off, sliding up or whatever doesn’t do anything, so I have to reboot my phone.

The old EMUI probably has Google Now too. No app drawer though.

It’s the Google app, you can make it open anything by holding the button.

Guild Wars 2 is cheaper then the Nintendo Switch

I already own the game, and a computer. Buying a new CPU is slightly cheaper then the Switch, unless you get the i7, then it’s the same or more.

Probably should wait until March to buy a new CPU though. See what Intel’s response to AMD is. I doubt Intel will lower the price. Intel fanboys don’t mind paying for their brand. In their head, nobody can compete with Intel. Except barely any phones use Intel, so if they have a non Intel powered phone, they are breaking their own fanboyism.

I should buy a new mouse, since the middle button doesn’t work. Buy the exact same mouse, I like the size, and I’m use to where all the buttons are. Or a more expensive model that looks the same. That might prevent me from buying a new CPU. It might be under warranty, but I’d probably have to pay for shipping, then they might say I dropped it, and it isn’t covered. So then they will send me my mouse back, and it’ll be more broken then it was.

Sandboxie is slow in a virtual machine. Or Chrome is.

And it looks like Amazon sells G.SKILL stuff now, they have a gaming mouse, costs about the same. Can’t remember what some of the bad reviews on Newegg said though.

I’ll assume the bad reviews, got a bad mouse. If not, I’ll regret buying it on the 1st.

Review says you have to claw grip it, whatever that is. I don’t really grip the mouse that much.

Why doesn’t Amazon directly sell the more expensive Logitech?

Auto fighting doesn’t do as much damage?

As constantly clicking the right mouse button? I think I already figured that out, when I was playing WoW a long time ago. Apparently I don’t know how to play these type of games. I thought the auto attacking did everything for you. Stuff seems to die faster if you keep clicking the button. I’ll probably kill my mouse though, by clicking it so much.

No, I can’t remember anything.

Btw the runs are over, I took the last one after dinner. Or after the first two burritos I ate. Only 7 runny dumps today. Probably skid marks on my boxers. My ass hurt to much to fist myself to wipe it all up.

That may or may not be true. I might of leveled up. But it’s still downgrading my level. Not sure if the downgrade is higher or not though. The shield might be useless, get another sword, or a two handed sword. A level 8 did more damage then me, not sure if they were downgraded though. My character is over 60.