Month: February 2017

Windows made itself faster last night

The CPU might of been running at a higher speed last night. Turn off the power management crap that reduces the speed. Or more likely, somebody was hacked into it, and doing something. Maybe they finished.

Since I’m to lazy to change the bios, I used cpupower to set the CPU governor to performance. Also edited the config, so on boot it’ll set it to that.

That might explain why the FPS jumps around in Guild Wars 2.

Might need to buy new pants on the 1st

Except I should wait until I’m done losing weight. Otherwise, I’ll be buying pants more then once. Belt might not be working as well now. I think I’ll wait until my pants are falling off with a belt. Then I’ll go pant less.

Fujifilm X-E2S

Need to save 700 dollars up, so I can buy that camera. I don’t want to buy an old used camera. I also, must have a Fujifilm camera. If the manual lens I get is good, in seven months, I’ll buy the same lens for the Fuji. More then seven months though, I’ll need money for the lens and tax.

I’ll probably keep my Olympus until it doesn’t work.

Also, if you have an optical viewfinder, what you see is what you see, whatever that means. I prefer what you see is what you get. What kind of viewfinder does my camera have? Electronic, and Amazon will give me over two hundred bucks for it. Buy the new OM-D M10.

It might of came with a flash, don’t know where it is.

Somebody said with the newer micro 4/3 cameras you can shoot at higher ISO, is mine new enough?

If you look at the review pictures, the Olympus is superior then the Fuji. Or just as good, for less money. Competition is a good thing, for me, not Comcast.

Doesn’t the old E-M10 have focus peaking? If it does, I don’t know how to use it, I might of, and forgot.

$219 is all I’d get for my E-M10. Since I don’t know if I have the packaging. Also, the flash might of been sold with my E-PM2.

You can buy Canon or Nikon. I’ll buy a dildo and set it on fire.

If AMD wasn’t releasing new CPUs, I’d trade computers with my mom

She says her computer is slow a lot. Might be the drive in it. Or if I used a disc to install Windows, it could of had malware on it.

I’d gladly take an AMD 6300 over an i3 6100. The AMD plays the games I play better. The internet is a liar, or talking about specific games, I don’t play.

NVMe drive wouldn’t work with that computer though, probably not even in an adapter. At least it wouldn’t boot, directly. If you install a boot manager to something else, it might work.

Don’t need 17mm lens or Sigma 30mm

The 25mm lens I might of ordered is in the middle of those two. That should be good enough to replace both of them. Unless the pictures are awful. I don’t care about sharpness, I might not be able to see well enough to tell. I’ll take more light over sharpness, especially at a price of a hundred bucks. Or less if you don’t pay for faster shipping.

Amazon will only give me 74 bucks for my Sigma 30mm. Thanks to the lack of packaging. I’d rather sell lenses to somebody else. Not to somebody that is going to use it, as they might be picky, and/or have better eyes then me.

Seeing how much will give me. 40-78, basically the same as Amazon. It has a hood? Not sure it’s in the case, or is it already attached? If it’s attached, that explains the dark pictures. It’s still in the plastic bag, in the case.

How does my 17mm lens have good reviews? In my apartment it sucks. So does my Sigma. I need f0.1. Jack the ISO up over a thousand, then I’ll really need Neat Image.

Sitting on the Jonny

My bagels with cheese might be giving me the runs. If you eat one for breakfast, you’ll get the runs at night. If you eat one before bed, you’ll get the runs during the day. Can the dog eat them? Not sure I can anymore.

I did get a funny picture, of my face while sitting on the Jonny. Also, got another picture. Of my shirt and legs and floor.

I don’t recognize myself in that picture. Might be because I didn’t have my glasses on.

Use that picture for Facebook. Don’t need a new Facebook account, it’s useless. I’m happier with zero friends.

Knew I shouldn’t of sold my Olympus E-PM2

I like giving my old electronics away. I’ll have a Olympus 17mm f2.8 lens to giveaway soon. But no camera to go with it. That would be useless for my sister. I gave one of my sister’s a camera already, don’t know if she uses it. She could use that lens on it, but she already has a lens.

My other sister doesn’t have a micro four thirds camera. The E-PM2 costs about $150 used on Amazon, about what I got for mine.

The E-PL5 is a little more, $189, still barely under $200. I’d buy the E-PL6, but it sold out already on The 5 is only $180 on the site, and it comes with a charge, the 6 didn’t. I still would of bought it. I almost bought, I think it was the 6, from the official Olympus site, it was refurbished I think, and under 200 bucks, can’t remember if it came with a lens, I think it was around $160. If I wait long enough, somebody might have something for cheaper.

Not sure I can tell the difference between the pictures that I took with the E-PM2 and my current camera, the OM-D E-M10. The only real difference is the built in viewfinder.

Oh yeah, I sold my E-PM2 with a viewfinder that attaches to it. The used one on Amazon doesn’t come with that.

The problem is, I don’t have enough money for the best lens available. Even if I did, I probably wouldn’t buy it.

Be selfish and sell the two lenses I don’t need, and buy something for myself. The i5 costs to much, $190, and you can’t even overclock it. All the new AMD CPUs will be overclockable. I don’t overclock, I just like the ability, that way I know they aren’t putting an artificial limit on it.

Buy a Fuji X10 for myself, so I can be a Peeping Fuji. It has a lens on it. Is it small enough though? It’ll need to fit up my bum, so I can get myself arrested, and smuggle it into prison, so I can make prison porn.

For myself, I’d rather buy the Fuji X-E1, and the lens I ordered for my current camera. It’s about 200 bucks on

It’s settled, I’ll buy the Fuji X10, after I’m done “testing” it, I’ll give it to my sister. That might be a couple years or longer, and it might no longer function either. Never mind, it’s to damn old, from 2011. I can get an Olympus that old for less, and give her the 17mm lens.

Now to take a picture for this post, that will make absolutely no sense. Never mind, the dog is in the way. I’ll wait for the new lens.

Hengyijia 25mm F1.8 DISCOVER Manual Lens (Black) for Olympus Panasonic Micro 4/3 Camera

That’s the lens I might of bought. It should ship from the US, wasn’t warned about an international charge. You can get faster shipping for twelve bucks. The other branded ones might be better, the aperture and focus might be reversed. Either way, I probably don’t need to sell my Olympus 17mm f2.8 now.

Yes, I refuse to pay $125, two day shipping, but I don’t care. I’ll save my twenty five bucks.

I don’t care if the edges are mushy, I don’t take that many pictures that the edges matter, also the samples on that forum looked fine to me. Might need a cheap Fuji camera now though.

Apparently one of the Fuji cameras is under $250, for the cheap Chinese lens, and the camera. In my case, I’d just need an adapter.

And I think it’s the X-E1, it’s around $250. How much on Amazon? Might buy my younger sister a camera, buy her that and the 25mm lens.

Olympus is cheaper. Should of bought the camera that was under 200 bucks, on their site. Might of been refurbished, mine is too. Or not cheaper.

But that Fuji looks cool. I might buy it for somebody, don’t ask me who, maybe myself. I like the word Fuji. Or not, you can’t get an adapter for the manual micro 4/3 lens I might of bought. Also, you can’t buy that lens for Fuji. So I have no idea how somebody is using it on Fuji. I lied, the lens might be available for it. Do FX work on X? On Amazon it says FX X.

Now I might really need to find the focal length setting for my camera, so the image stabilization works. I think I have to change the image stabilization setting to get it to show up.

Don’t buy on Amazon, it’s shipped from China too, the tracking has CN in it. Only buy if it’s fulfilled by Amazon. Otherwise, buy on eBay, it’s less. I was trying to avoid that. I got ripped off big time, around 20 bucks ripped off. It’s to late to cancel, it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Amazon should put a big warning on the page, saying it will be shipped from China. If there’s anything wrong with it, it’ll cost a fortune to ship it back. Take a long time too.

If I get pictures as good as the ones on a forum, I won’t care that I got ripped off. I’d pay 200 bucks, if it had auto focus. Maybe more.

It’s 85 bucks on eBay, but on sale. So I guess I got the middle one, not the cheapest or most expensive one. Didn’t even try to do that. And it’s about the same on Amazon, a dollar more maybe. I keep forgetting that the faster shipping cost extra.

75 bucks?

For a f1.8 25mm lens? It’s manual, but who cares. Just adjust until it’s in focus, no intelligence needed. But 25mm might be to much. But I’m curious what the pictures with it look like. It’s the wrong color too, the only black one is for Sony.

It’s probably the same as the ZONLAI lens for more.

You can find it on eBay.

Why don’t they make a 20mm? Or 23mm? Or 22mm?

I have a 28mm lens. I’d rather have 20mm or less. But I’m one hell of a cheap bastard. I can use gift card for a CPU, or nothing. Don’t send it to them, and cancel it. Just have a shitload of lenses, mostly manual.

24mm is the smallest, for manual cheap Chinese lenses. And it’s from Hong Kong. I don’t want to wait until the 16th, that’s the longest it’ll take. Better off buying the cheaper 25mm.

If you put the focus on infinity, it’ll always be in focus right? My Sigma is only 5mm more, but the aperture is worse, f2.8.

Nobody has apparently bought them, as there’s no sample pictures from a third party. Except they have sold them. I need to buy it to post pictures. So they can sell more or less lenses.

One seller isn’t shipping from the US. Now to look at the other’s feedback, and see if they ship from China too.

It’s an international purchase. If I use my card, I’ll get charged around two bucks. That means they are shipping from China. So I’ll be waiting a long time for it.

Yup, it’ll ship from China, read some older bad reviews. How much money left if I buy the ZONLAI on Amazon? I could wait, and use the gift card.

Panasonic is better. Good thing they all ship from China, the ones under a hundred bucks. I don’t want to pay $125 for it.

I found pictures of the more expensive one. Now I really want it. It’s bokeh is awesome.

Those indoor photos without the flash don’t look very good

Flash makes better indoor pictures. Flashing does too. You can get the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens used on eBay for about two hundred bucks.

It’s the wrong color, I’d still buy it though, I don’t care. They don’t take Amazon. So it’s cheaper to buy it on Amazon. As I’ll have a gift card soon.

Also, eBay compresses the hell out of the images you upload to it.

Looking at another lens, they might be rich. Look at one of the pictures they took. Older then me, look at the last picture, on the 12-something lens. Pretty sure that lens is going to go for way over 22 bucks. The indoor pictures are more sharp then the 20mm lens. The 20mm might be if you change it’s aperture to f2.8.

I like new, so I’ll buy the new one.