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3DS has arm9loaderhax installed

And the EmuNAND has been moved to the SysNAND. All my games still appear to be there too. It’s a long ass process.

You can find a guide for installing the hack here.

If you are using a N3DS, don’t put it to sleep until you restore your NAND backup, otherwise you’ll brick it apparently. Sleep works fine now, luckily, didn’t try it before I was done.

I don’t care about good graphics for games

I prefer games that are fun, Nintendo provides that. If the Nintendo Switch is in stock, I might buy it. Otherwise, I’ll keep playing my N3DS.

I missed the link for instructions to restore EmuNAND

I restored the sysNAND, which I didn’t need to do. Now I’m making a backup of the EmuNAND. Then I’m guessing I’ll restore it.

Instructions for moving the EmuNAND here. If you don’t have arm9loaderhax + Luma3DS installed, it won’t work.

Almost done, backing everything on SD card up. The backup speed is almost 100 MB/s, good for a micro SD card. The write speed is under 50 MB/s, so it’ll take a while to copy everything back.

A9LH might piss Nintendo off. That’s good, you still can’t buy the NES Classic Edition, don’t want it anyways. I mean buy for 60 bucks, the retail price, not the jacked up price on eBay.


Still trying to downgrade my N3DS. I accidentally updated it. All the other downgraders are outdated. The homebrew launcher doesn’t like opening. Using the Nintendo 3DS Sound hack.

You can find sysDowngrader here.

Doesn’t work, just exits. Probably can’t downgrade from the latest firmware. Doesn’t look like Luma will open either. Boohoo. How do I get my saves on the emuNAND?

Instructions for switching to sysNAND CFW here.

Finally started playing the game my mom bought me

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Might of been a year since she bought it for me, or almost. I should be able to update the game, my mom bought it, and ripped it myself.

Got to update my 3DS first. The emuNAND.

Bad idea, it updated the sysNAND.

Can’t get a new version of SafeSysUpdater, the site that has it won’t load. So I’ll just use whatever is on my micro SD card. Assuming the CIA file copy ever finishes.

Might not work though, I put the save file on the Zelda game, but it crashes, so I copied the boot file in the startup archive to it. Instead of the boot manager.

The problem is, it wasn’t done updating. So the version it said was a lie.

Good news, you don’t need Zelda anymore to hack it. Now to try the new easier method. Unscrewing the back is a pain though.

N3DS is most likely broken. I did format it, but homebrew still won’t load. Oh, you are supposed to rename the bin file. And it almost works. Might need an updated boot manager.

You don’t need a Nintendo Switch to enjoy Nintendo only games

I should start playing my N3DS. I could boycott Nintendo, and borrow lots of games on the internet. It’s called digital borrowing. Somebody uploads the game, and then loan it to you. The good thing is, they can loan it to more then one person at a time. The entire internet.

NTR CFW works in Luma3DS

Download the preview pack 2 of NTR, then copy the ntr.bin file to your SD card. Then boot it up, and uninstall BootNTR, and install the updated version from here.

That is if you are using firmware 11.0.0.

Streaming works as well now.

Luma3DS doesn’t work

It won’t boot my EmuNAND. rxTools works fine. I’m to lazy/stupid to use the new method, the arm9loaderhax. Also to paranoid.

I tried the latest Luma3DS, and version 5.2. Neither will boot EmuNAND.

Backing up EmuNAND, then maybe I’ll upgrade it. Will need a screw driver to take the micro SD card out. FTP is probably to slow. Thanks to the N3DS’s shitty WiFi.

Says it is up to date. Maybe it doesn’t work with the latest firmware. Funny that rxTools does. Maybe I need to upgrade the themehax. Is it menuhax or themehax? The folder on my computer says themehax.

The latest version still only boots the SysNAND.

Booting the 3dsx file doesn’t work either. If you hold select, it replaces the top screen, instead of just putting the options above the boot manager.

Did they remove EmuNAND support? I like having all my games in EmuNAND, then it’s separate. Easier to sell, just remove the SD card. Then wipe it, and it’s good to go.

Let’s see if the dev version works. I’m not seeing how Luma3DS is better then rxTools, it won’t boot EmuNAND. rxTools has no issues with EmuNAND, and it’s updated.

The dev version doesn’t work either. If version 5.5 doesn’t work, I guess Luma3DS doesn’t work.

Doesn’t work. Booting the 3dsx doesn’t work with the old version. Still doesn’t boot EmuNAND.

Might need a firmware.bin file. Nope, only for old firmware.

How do you force it to boot EmuNAND? Might need to use the new thing, but with EmuNAND.

Will it boot from the homebrew menu? Nope.

I give up on Luma3DS, apparently very few people have that issue. I’ll try ReiNand.

Luma3DS is for noobs, but it doesn’t work.

ReiNand doesn’t boot EmuNAND either. Don’t know what button to get into the menu though.

Formatting SD card, then I’ll copy everything back to it. Restore the EmuNAND first.

SD card should be fine, it’s a SanDisk.

The EmuNAND is apparently the entire SD card. So I don’t need to copy anything. Might need a newer version of the NAND program though.

Multi EmuNAND Creator if it gives you errors, try again. I deleted all partitions and made a blank NTFS one, then ejected the drive, then ran the program, it got errors, closed it, and tried again. Said it succeeded that time. I used Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free Edition to delete the partitions.

Surprised rxTools worked, the NAND program, didn’t have any options, like to extract it or anything.

Did all that for nothing, still won’t boot EmuNAND.

rxTools still works. What does Inject RedNAND do?

If you hold L down, it’ll boot the EmuNAND, if not, you need to redo your SD card.

Backup your EmuNAND, I used rxTools.
Copy everything from your SD card to your computer.
Use Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free Edition to delete all the partitions on the SD card.
Make a blank NTFS partition that uses the entire card.
Eject the SD card, and reinsert.
Open Multi EmuNAND Creator, click start format.
If you get a bunch of errors, close it, and try again.

After doing the above, hold L while booting Luma3DS. You will know the EmuNAND is correct if Multi EmuNAND Creator shows options, like inject, extract, if all those buttons are grayed out, try again.

Inject RedNAND probably isn’t needed, I was just wondering what it does.

Also you only have to hold L down the first time.

And it looks like NTR CFW doesn’t work. Maybe because I clicked Inject RedNAND.

To use NTR with 11.0.0 firmware, you need a newer BootNTR.cia.

NTR still might not work, just a black screen. Probably because it’s auto exit.

NTR CFW streaming doesn’t work

Gets an error messages, and the viewer program never shows anything. It’s the latest preview version. Maybe Windows 10, or the anniversary update killed it.

Even with the Windows Firewall off it doesn’t work.

null<br>Server connected.<br>> remoteplay()<br>null<br>Will be disconnected in 10 seconds to enhance performance.<br>illegal quality<br>> disconnect()<br>null<br>Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.<br>Server disconnected.

Changed the channel on router, maybe that’ll fix it.

Good luck, it doesn’t work. Disabling WMM might fix it, but that might also break the Chromecast. Even changing the clock speed doesn’t make it work. The WiFi might be shit on the N3DS.

N3DS menuhax boot rate 100%

Looks like this does indeed work, it boots every time so far now on my N3DS.

Basically install an old menuhax, and then it should work.

With the newest version, you have to keep trying, it might work eventually.

Not a 100% success rate, rxTools just froze trying to boot it. That’s with a boot menu.