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Looks like I need a new CronusMAX

If I want to use my Xbox 360 controller on my PS4. You can’t upgrade the old device to the new one anymore, also without the new one, you will get disconnected every ten minutes. You need a hub with the new one, plug the PS4 controller into it. Does that mean the headphone jack won’t work on the PS4 when using the CronusMAX?

The old one won’t work plugged into a USB 3.0 port, on your computer, when programming it. They said to try a different cable and 2.0 port. The thread about upgrading is gone. I’d only buy it, if the new one works with a USB 3.0+ port. I don’t think I have any 2.0 ports on my motherboard. And I can’t passthrough anything plugged into the front of my case.

Looks like I do have USB 2.0 ports, on the back. I’d have to get on the floor, and unplug the USB sound card. And plug the CronusMAX into that port. Oh yeah, and in programming mode, the CronusMAX changes the USB info, so you’ll need to add that to the VM too. Don’t ask me what it is.

You could just reboot into Windows.

Their manual says 3.0 isn’t supported for upgrading the firmware, and their forum said that too. Not sure I want to spend 60 bucks on something that won’t work with 3.0 for updating, the PS4 only has 3.0 ports. It works in non programming mode with the PS4.

I should just keep using the PS4 controller.

Evo Hub for Playstation 4 That is cheaper on, not sold by Walmart. Bad reviews on Amazon.

HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro (TAC Pro) KeyPad and Mouse Controller for PS4 and PS3 FPS Games Officially Licensed by Sony – PlayStation 4

Just need a taller table to put it on. Not really enough room.


That game was shorter than the first one I played. The first one was around ten minutes, the second one was four minutes and twenty seconds.

The game last night was around 80 minutes.

Will it shuffle the game? If not, this will be one boring game.

Nope it doesn’t shuffle.

I’m surprised I still have a team. Of course the other team isn’t going to leave, they find under ten minute games fun.

Game lasted around 40 minutes, and my team finally won. Did a bunch of people quit on my team and better people join? Or were they all AFC?

Computer should be rebooting soon

It stays on for almost two days, then reboots. Most likely a bug in the bios. The latest bios is from the 10th, before AMD said motherboard manufactures would be releasing a new bios to fix a CPU bug.

Annoying dog

Somebody’s stupid ass dog won’t shut the fuck up. Not sure which apartment, so complaining won’t do much. Even if I knew, complaining wouldn’t do anything, they aren’t going to evict them or their dog.

I still have my CronusMAX

I’m pretty sure I can upgrade the firmware on it, and it’ll be basically the same as the new one. Will the Steam Controller work on the PS4? I don’t think a headphone jack on a controller will work. So the chat audio might come out of the TV, which I don’t want. But I wouldn’t have to buy an Xbox One Elite controller. Or just keep using the PS4 controller that it came with.

Will the Xbox Elite controller work wirelessly with it? If you buy the WiFi dongle for PCs.

Nope, not yet anyways. That’s a bummer. I do have a long ass USB extension cable. Do you need batteries in the Xbox controller if you plug it in by USB?

Lots of bad reviews on the Elite controller, after 90 days it’ll most likely break. No more warranty, so you wasted $145 on a controller. My Xbox 360 controller still works, I think that’ll be wireless on the PS4 with the CronusMAX.

There’s a better PS4 controller made by Razer, but they have zero plans to sell it in North America.

Horipad FPS Plus

Sort of like a Xbox controller, but no headphone jack. I use the headphone jack to mute everyone. Can’t hear them if it’s not coming out of the soundbar. Except, it might not be needed anymore, there’s no microphone icon in any of the squads I’ve been in, in Battlefield 1. Or they got rid of the icon.

I’d buy an Xbox One, but I’d have to rebuy all my games, I already paid for PlayStation Plus and Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

If I had a tall enough table, I could use a keyboard and mouse, then my wrist would hurt.

Might buy the Battlefield 1 premium pass

The premium pass and deluxe upgrade is fifty bucks on Amazon for the PS4. The game is more enjoyable now that it runs better. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t run that great, it still gets lag or whatever you call it. Seems to happen even when it’s getting 30 or more FPS.

Just bought it. Looks like I’m committed to the PS4 Battlefield 1 now. The PC version will hurt my wrist anyways.

Lame, I can’t download it. Says no content was found. Try playing the new mode and I can’t, says I need the premium pass. I redeemed the code on the PlayStation site.

Redeem the code again, on the PS4 directly. Then it’ll let you download it. I used the Android app to copy and paste the code.

Battlefield 1 runs better on the PS4

Looks like the update I downloaded recently made the game run better. Just don’t play it for months, and when you play it again, it’ll run better.

Now, I really don’t need Battlefield 1 for the PC. Probably run worse in a virtual machine then on the PS4 anyways. But I might be able to aim with some of the guns with a mouse.

Or just be a medic on the PS4, those guns are easy. And you get to revive and heal people. You might get lots of XP if you do that.

Then again, it might run better if I put it on low settings on the PC. That’s probably the settings on the PS4, or lower. My video card is better then the PS4’s GPU power.


Just took a dump, a big turd came out, and left a ton of residue in my anus. Bowels can’t make their minds up, constipated, or loose/runny.

And that wasn’t all the shit. Taking another dump.

Why are these pants loose?

They weren’t before I gained 3.1 pounds.

The scale is most likely a liar, and I lost weight. Might lose 5 pounds next time I weigh myself.